The fool’s fuel plan?

In another world, in a country not so close to the brink, and with a lot more time the fuel cross-subsidy may...
How has Switzerland managed to contain inflation? | Profit Urdu

How has Switzerland managed to contain inflation? | Profit Urdu

As countries around the world, both in the developed and developing world, grapple with horrible inflation figures, Switzerland seems relatively immune. How?

CPEC power plant delays irk China | Profit Urdu

The Chinese government has communicated with the government about the delays in the CPEC power projects. It might not stop just there.

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The debate between stakeholders about the tournament’s financial model is continuing even as it packs stadiums and makes good money

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We look at the birth and evolution of the online payments behemoth PayPal.

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Musharraf oversaw one of Pakistan’s rare periods of economic growth. But what was the cost of these numbers, and why did he...

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How what started off with an enterprising young man trying to sell books on the internet turned into one of the Big...

Miftah flares up at seemingly innocent question

Former finance minister Miftah Ismail seems to have misinterpreted a question about lack of austerity as a personal aspersion on his character.

Adani’s own ‘Hindenburg Disaster’ | Profit Urdu

A scathing investigative report wipes out billions in Adani stock. Did the conglomerate show simply debt-fuelled growth or proper shady business practices?

The dollar’s frozen at Rs 170 for the PSL teams

The Pakistan Super League teams got together in 2019 and renegotiated a package that froze their licensing fees at Rs 170 to...

The hiccup that cost Google $100 billion | Profit Urdu

In the first demonstration of Alphabet’s (Google) competitor to ChatGPT, the search behemoth glitched. This sort of thing happens all the time....

Is Pakistan experiencing fuel shortages or hoarding? | Profit Opinions

Although the inventory situation is sensitive due to extremely low levels of foreign exchange reserves, for now we have enough supplies.

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Global health is bracing for yet another crisis. This time it’s not a novel virus, but resistance against antibiotics. And countries like...