Stuck in a loop – the week in Pakistan’s business and economics Twitterverse

It’s like we’re stuck in a loop. The same news cycle every few weeks. Oh well, if things aren’t mitigated, by the time you read this; you will probably be wondering when you’ll get your tank refilled next. 


May startup dreams never sink and may hardworking folk out there see their projects turn into a business. 


When they called it a global inflationary cycle, they weren’t kidding about it being global. 


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Everyone is now saying the word Blitzscale. I’d be rich enough to blitzscale if I got a dollar every time someone said the word blitzscale. 


With by-elections around the corner, all parties preach the sweet tune of “relief” and “subsidies”, either being too oblivious of the economic toll or downright evil with the national treasury. Either way this trend has to go. 


Public transportation is a chronic issue that has been going from bad to worse since the creation of Pakistan. Policies and infrastructure development hasn’t been particularly keen on encouraging public transportation either, rather the infrastructure is such that it is hard for an individual to move within a city without a personal mode of transportation. 


Avid fans of the Pakistani cinema have had mixed emotions about Ahad Raza Mir’s kiss in the Netflix show. It’s the first time in the recent past a Pakistani actor has found his way onto the big Hollywood screen. It’s unfortunate that the kiss of the Pakistani actor in the series has become the talk of town rather than the acting skills and professionalism needed to get to that level. 


The whole country can learn a lot from this simple and kind gesture… kudos to Babar Azam


What people fail to understand is the reality of the situation, regardless of party politics, one just needs to take a page out of the history books to understand what the US is capable of given the “right” pretense. We must be logical, diplomatic and realistic in our approach to foreign policy. 


Just Islamabad things. 


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