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Profit demystifies the controversy over the sale of KASB Bank

How paramilitary helped Advans Bank double its size in one year

As peace returns to Karachi, losses spread over half a dozen years are now consigned to the past

Shopkeepers’ scam adds fizz to profits

Retail prices of Coke and Pepsi remain unnoticed while retailers overcharge consumers day in, day out by as much as 40 percent – making millions over the top, apparently unnoticed

For the Average Joe, where to invest is the question

Should one dabble into stocks, venture into the real estate or stay with the good old banks for a next-to-nothing yield?

Engro poised to set up first Pak merchant LNG terminal

The $500 million joint venture with Shell, Gunvor, and Fatima Group will allow Engro to import, regasify and sell liquified natural gas without the need for government contracts.

Why should Suzuki improve models, if people continue to patronise?

Hirofumi Nagao, former Pak Suzuki CEO having served the last of his third stint in Pakistan, fires a shot across the bow for new entrants: ‘Talk is cheap, in practice competing is difficult’.

Pakistan’s aviation sector: In ‘rapid descent’

An international forecast projects Pakistan’s domestic air travel to grow at twice the pace of global traffic over the next 20 years,...

Three major banks are up for sale. Who will buy them?

For the first time in Pakistani history, three perfectly healthy and viable banks are simultaneously up for sale. None of them is...

Why Ishaq Dar deserves bouquets and not brickbats

Interview: Dr. Ishrat Hussain Former Governor, SBP Having served two back-to-back terms as SBP governor in Pervez Musharraf’s dispensation, Dr Ishrat Hussain has...

Pakistan’s promising auto market lures Nissan back

As the CPEC gains momentum, enhancing the feel-good factor and stirring an economic boom across the country, one of the topnotch Japanese...

Pakistan’s mystery billionaire

“He’s the Howard Hughes of Pakistan. Nobody ever sees him. You’re the first ones (among journalists) who are going to witness him...

Pakistan, promise unfulfilled

Established as far back as the middle of the nineteenth century, 1860 to be precise, the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and...

What separates a great venture from an ordinary enterprise

Whether it is public or private, profit or nonprofit every organization needs a strong culture and highly-trained management to achieve its objectives,...

The incentive in going green

Either hot or very cold, mostly in the extreme, the weather is hardly ever temperate. One’s neighbourhood is hit by water scarcity,...

Harley Davidson, the Stallion that goes with a macho image

Call it the sway of the American culture or the bike’s macho looks and feel, Harley Davidson has a cult fan following...