Another day, another fraudulent housing society

Like many others, the Grand Avenue Housing Project is based on lies and deception

Lahore’s vertical growth gambit

With the Punjab government getting in on the action, Pakistan's first properly planned business district in Lahore might change the city's standing

Lahoris are ready for apartment living – if only the real estate agents would let them do it

In a speech to Parliament in 2016, current Prime Minister and then opposition member Imran Khan defended his ownership of a flat...

Bank Al Habib buys Centrepoint from TPL Properties for nearly $50 million

The nation is curious: exactly how much did one of the fanciest buildings in the largest city sell for?

Chakri’s real estate gang wars

Caught in an armed standoff, Blue World City and Abdullah City are fighting over land they don’t own, all while they continue to sell plots illegally

The great Pakistani real estate racket

Master Tile’s La Ville De Paris scheme is just one example of everything that is wrong with how real estate in Pakistan works.

Rs30bn subsidy announced for Naya Pakistan Housing Project

ISLAMABAD: The government has announced a special package for the construction sector that includes an amnesty scheme, tax exemptions and a Rs30...

Govt urged to introduce soft taxation regime for real estate sector

LAHORE: The government must formulate special policies and introduce a soft taxation regime for the country’s real estate sector. This was the upshot of...

Hafeez Shaikh stresses need to incentivise real estate sector

Adviser to Prime Minister on Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh on Monday stressed the need to incentivise the real estate sector in...

India lowers tax on new home sales ahead of general election

MUMBAI: India on Sunday announced a cut in the goods and services tax charged on sales of residential properties under construction, according...

TRC decides to refine system for valuation of immovable properties

Hence, it has been agreed upon to survey the likelihood of effectively utilizing the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) data for bringing potential people into the tax net

Govt jacks up property valuation rates by average 20%

This step will allow the government to rake an additional Rs5 billion in tax revenues in the last five months (Jan-Jun) of the current financial year 2018-19

Packages Ltd seeks details of orders from apex court regarding leased land

On Saturday, the apex had ordered Packages Limited to pay lease payment of Rs500 million for the land where its factory is built following the expiry of the lease agreement in 2015

China house price gains no longer a certainty: central bank adviser

Following a furious boom, China has gradually tightened regulatory controls over its massive property market from mid-2016.

China warns cities to cut reliance on property, developers’ shares fall

The total sales of China’s top 100 real estate developers soared 35 percent last year, according to private research firm CIRC