The sole makers of security papers in Pakistan, SEPL is doing well but it can do even better

Petroleum shortage suspected as SBP allegedly closes LCs

In the latest example of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) operating through verbal communication instead of through official lines, the bank has informed...

Oilseeds vessels remain stuck at port as confusion prevails between ministries.

ISLAMABAD: At least six vessels containing valuable oilseeds important for Pakistan’s food security continue to be stuck at Port Qasim because of ambiguity and confusion between different ministries over...

IESCO management accused of trying to hush-up corruption inquiry 

ISLAMABAD: An internal inquiry of the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) investigating a corruption scam has assigned junior officers to investigate their bosses. Sources have confirmed to Profit that...

Electric rickshaws: Between Yellow-brick and Lytton road

On the precipice of having their registration approved, electric rickshaws now face an uphill battle to win over everyone

Inside the picture-perfect Pakistani wedding

More than just hearts, the big Pakistani wedding is also a marriage of young photographers with big fortunes

Too little, too late? SBP unveils anti-inflationary nuke

The SBP has hiked the policy rate by 625 bps in 2022, bringing it to a 24-year high to battle inflation and suppress imports - but is it too little, too late?

Why does the JS Group want to buy BankIslami?

Already the largest shareholders in the Bank, Jahangir Siddiqui and Co are looking to takeover Pakistan’s oldest Islamic Bank as Shariah-compliant banking continues to gain ground

Climate change vs Governance

Above all else, the flooding disaster to hit Pakistan is about climate change

Lessons from the fall of Airlift

AIrlift’s fall was inevitable. Once the darling of the Pakistani startup ecosystem, its downfall was a mixture of unfortunate...

The fallacy of fixing prices

Our policymaking over the last few decades, if not more, has largely been devoid of any rational economic thought.  Economic problems...

Sedative Electricity Reforms

The current electricity strategy pursued by the Government under the garb of reforms is not in the best interest of the...

The only constant is change

The old adage, “the only constant is change” is truer today than perhaps ever before. Businesses are grappling with inflation, economic...

What the Fund! Reflections from DC

After narrowly scoring a visa right before the IMF and World Bank Group Annual Meetings 2022 were due to begin, I...



The history of Rolls Royce | Profit Profiles

We look at the exception Mr Rolls, Mr Royce and the early years of the iconic company that they built together.

Outsource Diaries: Qasim Omer – Media Buyer

In the episode of Outsource Diaries, we meet Qasim Omer, who learnt the ropes of the media buying game while working for a digital...

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We look at the life and times of Amar Bose, an engineer and academic, whose failure to find a really good sound system led...

Crop Talk: From no potatoes to too many

One of Pakistan’s mightiest crops, the potato has suffered from overproduction and lack of government attention

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Four ticking time-bombs threatening Pakistan’s food security

Despite its great capability, Pakistan’s food security is hanging by a thread. Profit identifies key indicators of the systemic problems our agriculture faces

The world listened at COP27, but will Pakistan step up?

Loss and damages were high on the agenda this year but Pakistan must also plan on how they mean to spend the money if it comes their way

The motorcycle story

By far the most commonly driven vehicle in Pakistan, the humble motorcycle has a long, fascinating, history

The fate of Naya Pakistan Housing

Four years in, barely any work has been done on the once ambitious project

The Careem playbook, decoded

And what it can tell about the future of other mass-market, consumer-facing technology businesses in Pakistan

The discriminatory hiring practices of Islamic banks: is this the shape of things to come?

Religious dress codes exist for women, but not men. Discrimination against religious minorities can get quite explicit, and even against non-religious Muslims. Will this spread to other parts of Corporate Pakistan?

Is the PSL good business? For the PCB, yes. For the teams, not so much

The implementation of a new revenue sharing model has the hopes of the franchises up. But do some of them even want to run it like a business?

Pakistani lawn’s biggest market could be in India, but isn’t. Because we can’t have nice things

Over the past two decades, Pakistani lawn has become a $50 million+ market in India, but politics means that Pakistani brands and exporters have found it difficult to grow what could be a lucrative market