Overseas Pakistanis liable to pay tax on bringing more than one mobile phone : Chaudhary

Chaudhary said a 38% duty will be levied on costlier mobile phones

Asad Umar says will only take IMF’s money, not dictation

PTI govt has clear strategy to get Pakistan out of the begging-bowl syndrome - Asad Umar

New auto companies express dismay at tax relief for Pak Suzuki Motor

Previously, Pak Suzuki Motor had tried to secure tax exemptions under the Greenfield investment category from the PML-N administration which was declined

Pakistan remittances growth to remain flat at 6.2% in 2018: World Bank

Pakistan’s remittances as a percentage of GDP was 6.9% in 2018, ranked at 3rd behind Nepal at 30.1% and two positions above India at 2.8%

South Korean delegation to explore investment opportunities in Pakistan next month

'Korean investors are looking at Pakistan Railways as future investment prospect' Envoy says fertile lands of Pakistan can double their yields if modern...

Following Volkswagen, Pakistan desires more investment from Germany

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Thursday welcomed the German automaker Volkswagen’s decision to start manufacturing vehicles in Pakistan.He also invited other German...

PLL convinces Gunvor to supply rescheduled LNG cargo in December

PLL has also called tenders for supply of additional LNG cargo's to the country during January and February 2019, said sources

Karkey’s efforts to get court verdict enforced may cause financial doom for Pakistan

After the court ruling, Karkey visited Germany, US and UK to get the verdict enforced against Pakistan and this puts the country's foreign assets at risk of being taken over as security to enforce the court's verdict and pay the damages to the Turkish company

E&P entities made 13 oil and gas discoveries in past four months

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority had given permission to gas companies to issue 0.3 million gas connections for the current years against the demand of 0.6 million

Chinese entity e-Hualu clinches $83.6 million deal to build rapid bus transit system in Pakistan

Previously, e-Hualu was involved in building a project in 2016, which included an electronic policing system, access control and a vehicle monitoring platform for the capital Islamabad

Govt to take $490m loan from ADB for Karachi BRT project

ISLAMABAD: The government has decided to take a loan of $490 million from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in order to fund the Karachi Bus...

Over $15 billion remittances being sent via Hundi

Bukhari said they had introduced biometric verification system to ensure better communication between the ministry and the Pakistani diaspora working abroad

Daronomics and its aftershocks

A familiar mess that the PTI has inherited

Turkmenistan requests Pakistan to initiate work on TAPI pipeline from 2019

Turkmengaz was nominated as consortium leader in August 2015 with 85% shareholding and Pakistan, India and Afghanistan having 5% shares each

Sin tax on tobacco industry to adversely impact multinational companies

'Besides encouraging illicit trade, taxation on 'sin products' will eventually reduce production volume, govt's revenue'KARACHI: The federal government is planning to impose a 'sin...

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PM likely to sack entire economic squad

Finance Minister Asad Umar, FBR chairman, SBP governor expected to be sent packing Energy minister Omar Ayyub likely to head finance ministry Finance...

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Cabinet to fill vacant slot of Port Qasim Authority chairman soon

ISLAMABAD: The federal cabinet, while approving a stop-gap arrangement to run the affairs of Port Qasim Authority (PQA), has decided to fill the vacant slot...