Hong Kong-based investment bank returns to Pakistan’s capital markets. But why?

CLSA, a subsidiary of a Chinese state-owned company CITIC, has acquired a stake in Bank Alfalah’s securities trading arm Alfalah Securities

The return of Husain Lawai’s legal troubles

One of Pakistan’s leading bankers, Lawai’s career continues to be dogged by allegations of money laundering and illegal activities

Breaking the legacy mindset of large commercial banks

While up-and-coming players tap into new segments like mobile wallets, big players seem content with their decades-old business model that revolves around taking deposits and investing in risk-free securities.

Is Dewan Yousuf serious or will he hoodwink everyone yet again?

The Group faces a serious credibility crisis as it turns down offers for its cement plants for the umpteenth time – even the lucrative Mega offer – raising doubts about its intent to sell and settle the default.

A bank sold for just Rs1,000. Does it make any sense?

Profit demystifies the controversy over the sale of KASB Bank

How paramilitary helped Advans Bank double its size in one year

As peace returns to Karachi, losses spread over half a dozen years are now consigned to the past

Three major banks are up for sale. Who will buy them?

For the first time in Pakistani history, three perfectly healthy and viable banks are simultaneously up for sale. None of them is a distressed...

Pakistan’s mystery billionaire

“He’s the Howard Hughes of Pakistan. Nobody ever sees him. You’re the first ones (among journalists) who are going to witness him in the...

How bank CEOs rake in the big dough

As the curtain coming down on 2017 coincided with his premature exit as CEO of Pakistan’s largest commercial bank, Habib Bank Limited, it may...

Habib Metro shows how (not) to compete against the big boys and win

Habib Metro is a boring, unexciting bank. It’s neither big nor small. Nobody uses its credit card. It won’t serve you if you need...

Spotting the fake Quaid in M1

Sana Saif, a housewife, recently opened an account in Meezan Bank and made a visit to her branch, adjacent to her apartments, to make...

Profit: The year that was

The great land theftBy Farooq TirmiziIf there is a single place that can be thought of as the foremost cathedral to free-market capitalism, it...

“Profit per branch” Ranking of banks in Pakistan – Year 2016

Notwithstanding the relative size and nature of operations, the profit per branch among Pakistani Banks depicts a peculiar picture.Citi Bank Pakistan tops the list...

The cluelessness of Standard Chartered’s Pakistan strategy

Stand outside the branch of Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan on Karachi’s historic McLeod Road, and it is difficult to escape a sense of history....

Robin Hood of the Fintech world

In 2001, in Karachi, he forecast on the cell phone penetration in the country: by 2010 a hundred million people in Pakistan will have...

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Air France mulls returning to Pakistan after 11 years: minister

Petroleum Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan revealed on Friday that after witnessing a conducive business environment, Air France was planning to resume its service in...

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Samsung announces folding phone with 5G at nearly $2,000

All of the Galaxy series of rigid phones except the 5G will be available from March 8, with the S10+ priced from $1,000, the S10 priced from $900 and the smaller S10e from $750.