Naya minister, meet purani ministry

The minister is already inheriting the purani ministry and if he fails to come up with a strategy for raising revenue, he will be the same as the purana minister himself

Economic Survey 2017-18: People living below poverty line plunge to 24.3pc

The fall in poverty shows more prominence in urban areas than rural areas, reported the Economic Survey 2018.

The great land theft

If there is a single place that can be thought of as the foremost cathedral to free-market capitalism, it is not the New York...

Mian Mansha brings Hyundai cars back to Pakistan

South Korean carmaker Hyundai Motor Co is expected to resume assembling of cars in Pakistan, according to a statement sent to PSX by Nishat...

Rupee regains Rs1.87 against greenback in inter-bank trading

But the bank officials firmly believed that SBP had intervened in the inter-bank market and the rupee’s recovery against the dollar was artificial and short-lived

Pakistan Army owns $20 billion stakes in fifty conglomerates claims Indian media report

LAHORE:  The Pakistan army exercises control over fifty conglomerates said to be worth $20 billion stretching from banks, industrial plants, universities, milk dairies, stud farms,...

Cement prices to go up by Rs50 per bag

LAHORE: Cement manufacturers nationwide have decided to jack up cement price by Rs50 per bag after the hike in fuel prices recently. Sources familiar...

Eighteen: How an Egyptian company is building a new $2 billion Islamabad suburb

Orascom’s real estate arm believes there is a large enough market for Pakistanis who want to live the suburban life around the nation’s capital

What does China want from CPEC?

The history of China and the United States and how it explains what Beijing is doing pouring so much money into Pakistan

FIA unearths fake broker working with Zafar Moti and Adam Securities

KARACHI: The Corporate Crime Circle (CCC) of Federal Investigation Agency has unearthed a fake broker's (Wamiq Yousaf) fraud of Rs 51.365 million.Wamiq was using...

Descon CEO quits own company, becomes PM’s aide

LAHORE: Descon Engineering Limited's chairman, Abdul Razzaq Daud, today resigned from his own company to join the incoming government on the special request of...

United Motors launches ‘Bravo’, priced Rs850,000

Will the United's Bravo be the perfect replacement for the outgoing Mehran?

IMC decides to launch Toyota Vios in Pakistan, Corolla GLi to be discontinued

KARACHI: Indus Motor Company Ltd (IMC) has finally decided to launch Toyota Vios in Pakistan after discontinuing the Toyota Corolla GLi, a company source...

PTI’s economic team to be largely Karachi-centric

The appointments of heads of key financial institutions are also expected to be from Karachi, the economic hub of the country.

Launch of KIA Rio 2018 could threaten car industry’s ‘big three’

LAHORE: The KIA Rio 2018 has reportedly been displayed at the showroom of KIA lucky motors Pakistan, causing speculation in car enthusiasts about pricing...

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PM likely to sack entire economic squad

Finance Minister Asad Umar, FBR chairman, SBP governor expected to be sent packing Energy minister Omar Ayyub likely to head finance ministry Finance...

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Cabinet to fill vacant slot of Port Qasim Authority chairman soon

ISLAMABAD: The federal cabinet, while approving a stop-gap arrangement to run the affairs of Port Qasim Authority (PQA), has decided to fill the vacant slot...