VEON eyes to buy GTH’s assets in Jazz for $2.55 billion

Global Telecom’s capital amounts to EGP 2.7 billion distributed over 4.7 billion shares at a par value of EGP 0.58 per share.

Broadband connections witness 67 per cent growth

In 2013-14 the number of broadband connections stood at 13,205, which grew to 15,084 in 2014-15, 18,012 in 2015-16 and clocked in at 22,004 during 2016-17.

Pakistan, the next outsourcing hub?

With India and the Philippines ratcheting up the rates, will Pakistan be able to jump on the BPO bandwagon?

NetSol closes UK subsidiary amid ‘unfeasible’ operating, net margins

LAHORE: NetSol Technologies Limited, which is one of the biggest software/IT outsourcing companies in the country, in a letter issued today to...

MoC finalises Trade Dispute Resolution Act 2018 draft

TDRC aims at swift and effective resolution of domestic and international trade disputes

Samsung to pay $539 million to Apple in patent retrial

Apple this year told jurors it was entitled to $1 billion in profits Samsung made from selling infringing phones, saying the iPhone’s design was crucial to their success.

Pakistan exports IT products, services to over 100 countries: Anusha Rahman

ISLAMABAD: The Information Technology (IT) export market of Pakistan has expanded to over one hundred countries during the last five years of the...

Govt approves country’s first ever “Digital Pakistan” policy

PM Abbasi announced a cash reward and extension of a tax holiday on IT exports till 2025, reduction in sales tax to 5% in Islamabad Capital Territory and ensured long-term financing at 5% interest rate and formation of legislation for new IT parks

Alibaba’s entrance to enhance Pakistan’s digital economy

Analysts often cite the absence of PayPal as among the impediments to the growth of e-commerce in Pakistan.

Digital Pakistan policy set to be submitted for go-ahead

Ms Anusha Rehman said growth rate of exports has jumped to 125% over the last five years, adding that the IT industry is not only growing in terms of the number of companies and revenue but also in exports and workforce on a yearly basis

Veon reports $109mn loss in Q1 while Russian arm improves

Veon, which also operates in Pakistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Algeria, reported a loss of $109 million, versus a loss of $5 million in the same period a year ago.

The Black Sheep of the White Hat community

During our investigation into the recent security breach at Careem, some industry sources highlighted a faction of the white hat community that exploits startups that are vulnerable to cyber attacks, prompting Profit to look into how ethical these ‘ethical hackers’ really are.

ZTE paid $2.3 billion to US exporters in 2017

In April this year, the Commerce Department found ZTE had violated the terms of last year’s settlement and banned U.S. companies from providing exports to ZTE for seven years. As a result, ZTE suspended its main operating activities earlier this month

NED Karachi alum Naveed Sherwani’s SiFive raises $50.6 million in series-C funding

Mr Sherwani obtained a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Karachi’s NED Engineering University in 1983 and got a PhD in computer engineering from the University of Nebraska

PM Abbasi announces extension of tax holiday on IT exports for six years

The IT industry is the fastest growing sector of the Pakistan economy, with annual growth rates more than 30 percent and expected to double in size over the next 3-4 years