Social media changing female entrepreneurship dynamic

Maham Sohail runs a food delivery service page on Facebook, Home Bakers. As the title suggests, she delivers homemade food items of everyday menu...

CarFirst: Reinventing the used car trade through technology and infrastructure creation

With online traction gaining strength in almost every segment of the economy, the buying as well as selling of cars have also seen major...

What is the PTI’s energy game plan?

How having a former hydrocarbon company CEO as finance minister will shape the government’s approach to Pakistan’s biggest economic challenge

The next phase of the milk wars

Engro Foods and Nestlé Pakistan have been engaged for years in a stiff competition for a share of the Pakistani consumer’s wallet, but the hard part is yet to come

Third time lucky

After getting a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Fast University, Khurram Samad decided to use his skills and the best technology available at hand...

Three major banks are up for sale. Who will buy them?

For the first time in Pakistani history, three perfectly healthy and viable banks are simultaneously up for sale. None of them is a distressed...

How to save Rs 450,000 annually

Mehwish Nadeem, a 35-year old housewife and home-based fashion designer, has recently found the ultimate way to save bucks on outings, dine-outs and parties....

Is Ernst & Young about to exit Pakistan?

Ernst & Young, the global accounting and professional services firm that goes by its brand name EY, is re-evaluating its relationship with its Pakistani...

Is OLX feeling hot under the collar?

It’s an exciting time to be in Pakistan. We are seeing it in the numbers, in the growth we are getting, and in the...

What’s the mini budget all about?

Looking back, there was a reason that both Ishaq Dar and Shaukat Tareen signed with the IMF within days of taking office. Yet Asad Umar chose to stay ambiguous

Interloop targeting Pakistan’s largest-ever private sector IPO

The nation’s 7th largest exporter is keen to get listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange

How bank CEOs rake in the big dough

As the curtain coming down on 2017 coincided with his premature exit as CEO of Pakistan’s largest commercial bank, Habib Bank Limited, it may...

Why Pakistan’s cotton value-chain has begun to atrophy

The industry blames a lack of government support, but capital appears to be shifting away from manufacturing, and the economics of growing other crops is better than that of cotton

Highest price, dominant market share: the curious case of Atlas Honda

The company has mostly lower-middle and working class customers. It has the most expensive product on the market, and one that is generally worth...

Can drip irrigation eradicate Pakistan’s water crisis and food insecurity?

To save water, the country needs to replace its age-old method of irrigating crops with improved yield and quality being tangible benefits

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Why Sheikh Imranul Haque’s imprisonment should terrify Corporate Pakistan

Sheikh Imranul Haque has been in jail for approximately one month and nobody in the government – not even the serious looking men charged...

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