Big bucks but mediocre results

When it comes to stock market performance of last year, listed banks’ were at a distant south of benchmark KSE-100 Share Index...

Aamir might not succeed in turning Veon into Pakistan’s WeChat. But what if he does?

When Government of Pakistan opened its telecoms market to private sector 13 years ago, the country saw a massive inflow of foreign...

Clicks instead of bricks

E-grocery, commonly phrased as online grocery is expected to grow 9.5 percent worldwide to become a $9.4 billion industry this year. In...

A touch of modernity reaps much higher returns

Nestle, MRI collaboration on Chaunsa Project already a huge success Frustrated with persistent decrease in the yield and productivity of his mango orchards,...

Three major banks are up for sale. Who will buy them?

For the first time in Pakistani history, three perfectly healthy and viable banks are simultaneously up for sale. None of them is...

Unrealised Potential-Decoding PSL Economics

“From a corporate perspective, Pakistan Super League has all the ingredients to become the biggest brand in Pakistan, bigger than any other...

What is the PTI’s energy game plan?

How having a former hydrocarbon company CEO as finance minister will shape the government’s approach to Pakistan’s biggest economic challenge

Too little, too late

Classified ads were providing a fairly substantial and a steadily growing revenue stream to Pakistan's two leading newspapers, Jang and Dawn. Other...

Media Wars

Traditional news organisations are caught between many a devil and a deep blue sea: Fake news, social media, ever falling revenues combined making it an uphill task to keep their heads above water

Chiniotis mean business!

Mushtaq Ahmad Yousufi, the greatest-ever Urdu language satirist, in one of his trademark quips said that Muslims of undivided India thrived only...

Sustainable solution to Pakistan’s problems lie in structural reforms, believe analysts

Pakistan will have to push for fiscal consolidation and taxation reforms under the forthcoming IMF programme and move away from reliance on borrowing and foreign support to shore up the economy

Engro poised to set up first Pak merchant LNG terminal

The $500 million joint venture with Shell, Gunvor, and Fatima Group will allow Engro to import, regasify and sell liquified natural gas without the need for government contracts.

Habib Metro shows how (not) to compete against the big boys and win

Habib Metro is a boring, unexciting bank. It’s neither big nor small. Nobody uses its credit card. It won’t serve you if...

How to fix the Pakistani economy

Profit speaks to five of the nation’s top experts on what the government should do in order to get the economy humming again

Eighteen: How an Egyptian company is building a new $2 billion Islamabad suburb

Orascom’s real estate arm believes there is a large enough market for Pakistanis who want to live the suburban life around the nation’s capital