Kuch meetha ho jaye!

For some weeks now, Cadbury Dairy Milk is splurging its marketing rupees on a commercial featuring the fetching Mawra Hocane and the seasoned maestro...

Global MBA rankings: a Pakistani perspective

Profit’s inaugural guide for Pakistani professionals and students looking to launch a global career with a foreign MBA

Energy: colliding visions for powering Pakistan

Both the PTI and PML-N offer competing proposals for how best to manage Pakistan’s electricity generation sector

Padding up the cement tycoons’ coffers

With CCP timidly looking away, the APCMA is running a cartel, setting up production quotas and extracting rapacious rates from captive consumers

Why Ishaq Dar deserves bouquets and not brickbats

Interview: Dr. Ishrat Hussain Former Governor, SBPHaving served two back-to-back terms as SBP governor in Pervez Musharraf’s dispensation, Dr Ishrat Hussain has had a...

Big bucks but mediocre results

When it comes to stock market performance of last year, listed banks’ were at a distant south of benchmark KSE-100 Share Index – a...

The economy of Punjab’s graveyards

How the final resting places of citizens dead and buried are managed and maintained

Social impact or pursuit of profit? Some entrepreneurs pick both

The stories of four entrepreneurs who are making a social impact through their commercially thriving endeavours

Interview: David-Dohyung Kim, Director, Global Brand Management

Huawei, constantly redefining the future of technologyQ: What has taken Huawei so long to become the brand it has? What is your take on...

A bridge between restaurants and patrons

‘’With the app, it takes just 30 to 40 seconds to place an order,’’ said Nauman Sikandar Mirza, CEO EatOye and Foodpanda, while placing...

Customs Today: the fake news portal used to threaten global shipping companies in Pakistan

A group of toy importers has taken to planting untrue stories on a news website in a bid to blackmail major shipping companies into cooperating with their tax evasion scheme

Pakistan’s Only Powerful Women In Business

When we set out at making the first of Profit's annual list of the most powerful businesswomen in Pakistan, we had assumed that shortlisting...

It all boils down to simple arithmetic

“There are 17 million motorbikes and 40 million smartphones in Pakistan,” Muneeb Maayr, CEO Bykea – a ride-hailing (and more) app – told Profit...

The global halal trade: Is Belgium the next frontier for Pakistani exports?

A growing Muslim population and rising non-Muslim interest in halal products is a market waiting to be captured

Engro poised to set up first Pak merchant LNG terminal

The $500 million joint venture with Shell, Gunvor, and Fatima Group will allow Engro to import, regasify and sell liquified natural gas without the need for government contracts.

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It’s a deal, it’s a steal

‘In business you don’t have to acquire a huge number of clients to be successful,’ this is the simple philosophy of Secret Stash –...

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