Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Sustainable solution to Pakistan’s problems lie in structural reforms, believe analysts

Pakistan will have to push for fiscal consolidation and taxation reforms under the forthcoming IMF programme and move away from reliance on borrowing and foreign support to shore up the economy

Clicks instead of bricks

E-grocery, commonly phrased as online grocery is expected to grow 9.5 percent worldwide to become a $9.4 billion industry this year. In...

How bank CEOs rake in the big dough

As the curtain coming down on 2017 coincided with his premature exit as CEO of Pakistan’s largest commercial bank, Habib Bank Limited,...

UIPT in Punjab has just gone digital, but what did it take to get here?

The Pakistan Tehreek i Insaaf (PTI) government has had a few hallmark policies and talking points. As the anti-corruption party, from the...

The retail supply chain is begging for a disruptor. Can these tech startups be just that?

New entrants Bazaar, Tajir, and Jugnu all seek to empower the retailer to make more efficient choices, but will they be able to create a scalable service?

Is Sultana Siddiqui about to lose control over Hum TV?

A sudden spike in investor interest in the company’s stock has the market swirling with rumours about a change in control of one of Pakistan’s biggest media companies

Nixor – Where teenagers rule the roost

As one crosses through the gate after wading through two security checks, there is this in-your-face red shark painted across the huge...

Interview: David-Dohyung Kim, Director, Global Brand Management

Huawei, constantly redefining the future of technology Q: What has taken Huawei so long to become the brand it has? What is your...

The great big Profit survey of the COVID-19 pandemic

For anyone who has lived in Karachi, particularly in the 1990s and late 2000s, the current scenes in Pakistan’s largest city are...

Why should Suzuki improve models, if people continue to patronise?

Hirofumi Nagao, former Pak Suzuki CEO having served the last of his third stint in Pakistan, fires a shot across the bow for new entrants: ‘Talk is cheap, in practice competing is difficult’.

Meet the best of LUMS MBA Class of 2019

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x1ptf8Jnaw Mohsin Obaid Fun Fact: People call him an ‘energiser’ After his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Lahore School of Economics (LSE) Mohsin Obaid...

Pakistan’s equity markets are getting more sophisticated. Will investors notice?

March 24 should have technically been a good day for the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Right after Pakistan Day, the PSX was finally...

Findmyadventure: the startup capitalizing on Pakistan’s rising tourism industry

It is a story more familiar in the popular imagination as having played out on the campuses of Stanford or Harvard in...

Survive or Thrive – how eCommerce reacted to C19 lockdown

After the pandemic-induced lockdown, online marketplaces and e-tailers braced themselves in a spike in demand following the temporary removal of international modern trade (IMT) and local modern trade (LMT) from the equation. They had to make a decision: adapt or die?

Engro’s Rs60 billion question

How the conglomerate will deploy this capital over the next few years will define its future for the next generation – and possibly that of Pakistan