The Profit Digital Banking Roundtable: “Lessons from the frontline”

We’ve been to all the conferences, heard the keynotes, and have been fed the vision of digital banking for years now. But...

This 18-year-old wants to put your own personal safety in the palm of your hands

What would you do if you are walking down the street and saw a fight break out? For 18-year-old high school student...

Stop asking about investing abroad. Pakistani stocks outperform US stocks

One of the most common questions asked is how to invest outside Pakistan. Yet the numbers suggest that Pakistanis should be investing our own markets, not abroad.

Extinction or integration: how ad agencies can survive in the age of Google and Facebook

As creative services and media management face automation, coupled by the self inflicted wounds of refusing to unite against the tyranny of price slashing advertisers, Profit looks at how the top advertising agencies in the country are fighting for survival and relevance

Who’s fault is it anyway?

The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice. –...

Govt wants the PTCL model to fix the power sector. But can it work?

The idea of outright privatisation of many state-owned energy companies seems too good to be true, but a model for transferring management control while retaining majority shares might allow the government to placate its critics while moving towards relinquishing control over the energy sector

Ibex Ltd, TRG’s subsidiary, finally going public on the NASDAQ

Speculation about the impending IPO has led to a run up in the parent company’s stock on the PSX

Survive or Thrive – how eCommerce reacted to C19 lockdown

After the pandemic-induced lockdown, online marketplaces and e-tailers braced themselves in a spike in demand following the temporary removal of international modern trade (IMT) and local modern trade (LMT) from the equation. They had to make a decision: adapt or die?

Can Hamdard thrive in the era of the millennial consumer?

It is an ad that relies on contrasts: a product as traditionally Pakistani as Hamdard’s Rooh Afza being consumed by non-Pakistanis in...

Taking Pakistan higher on the World Bank ladder

In the realm of creating an environment for ease of doing business, Ms Fareena Mazhar is hoping that BoI would find an ally in the coming PTI government

Big Business and the saviour of the last resort

When was the last time you saw a conglomerate advertising not its consumer-facing or even industrial products but itself – its own...

British investor to take major stake in TPL Life Insurance

TPL is selling over a third of the company to the London-based group that also has investments in Afghanistan

S*th–The Four Letter S-word In Corporate Pakistan

We would like to state at the outset that we do not condone the worst attributes of seth culture in companies. Treating...

Imperial Ltd. sells its land and packs up its sugar business

The struggling company has tried to keep going in various capacities, but has finally decided to exit its core business completely

NETSOL stock riding high after key wins in signing new clients

Pakistan’s only NASDAQ-listed company appears poised for faster growth after a recent spate of stagnation