3 men show how to successfully mix business with pleasure

Abandoning jobs mid-career is something that the less adventurous abhor. After all who would want to leave the safety of a job with a...

What makes Syed Babar Ali tick

The Life Story of a Man of Substance

Pakistan, the next outsourcing hub?

With India and the Philippines ratcheting up the rates, will Pakistan be able to jump on the BPO bandwagon?

CarFirst: Reinventing the used car trade through technology and infrastructure creation

With online traction gaining strength in almost every segment of the economy, the buying as well as selling of cars have also seen major...

Why Pakistan’s cotton value-chain has begun to atrophy

The industry blames a lack of government support, but capital appears to be shifting away from manufacturing, and the economics of growing other crops is better than that of cotton

Jazz going in for the kill

It is 6:30 on a Sunday (August 20) evening, a roadside vendor, using open cry method, lures half a dozen men to his shop...

On the budget, Asad Umar capitulates to the Q-Block babus

Asad Umar's lack of preparation on matters of taxation and finance have allowed the civil service to push for a rollback of necessary reforms

How Political Power Attracts Undue Money

The final report of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) into Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family’s foreign assets (the “Panama Case”) is the...

That unmistakable Shezan touch

Not the most highbrow or fashionable of either the bakeries or restaurants, Shezan has the kind of consistency and reliability that makes it stand out and rub shoulders with the best of the best in business

Sindh Bank and Summit Bank are merging. Who is the real buyer?

Allegations of money laundering and illicit payoffs continue to haunt this transaction, suggesting there may be more than a simple bank merger going on

The taxi driver in the age of Careem

Careem may have opened up earning opportunities for many, but for others, it has left financial devastation in its wake

For a food-loving city, Asad Sheikh provides a much-need curator

Foodies ‘R Us is a Facebook group that has grown into becoming one of the most recognised curators of food across Pakistan through its partnership with Coca Cola

How to save Rs 450,000 annually

Mehwish Nadeem, a 35-year old housewife and home-based fashion designer, has recently found the ultimate way to save bucks on outings, dine-outs and parties....

Bramerz-The unique story of losing satisfied customers and then fighting back

The digital ad spend of Pakistan is almost $15 to $20 million at present and it is expected to grow by at least 40...

This 18-year-old wants to put your own personal safety in the palm of your hands

What would you do if you are walking down the street and saw a fight break out? For 18-year-old high school student Faizullah Arain,...

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