Pakistan’s equity markets are getting more sophisticated. Will investors notice?

March 24 should have technically been a good day for the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Right after Pakistan Day, the PSX was finally...

Shopkeepers’ scam adds fizz to profits

Retail prices of Coke and Pepsi remain unnoticed while retailers overcharge consumers day in, day out by as much as 40 percent – making millions over the top, apparently unnoticed

Can ‘Bothie’ do for Nokia what ‘Selfie Expert’ did for Oppo?

With the tagline ‘Be less Selfie, be more Bothie’, Nokia launched its new line of smartphones with Nokia 8 last month. The...

Covid finally got Pakistanis to spend on fashion online… but businesses were caught off-guard

After the pandemic-induced lockdown, apparel businesses that depended on brick and mortar locations as a footfall and revenue source had to make a decision: adapt or die? Most chose to shift online, with serious teething problems in the transition.

Airbnb gains traction in Pakistan and no one has noticed

The app is rapidly finding users, even though it has not yet customized its platform for the local market’s needs

PTCL wants to sell Ufone. Here’s why that’s a good idea

The state-owned company wants to get out of the consumer business and focus on its infrastructure business. That could result in cheaper cellphone and internet services for all Pakistanis.

Post recovery, Byco set to become Pakistan’s largest fuel refiner

It is a breezy Friday afternoon in Mauza Kund, Hub (Balochistan), about 50 kilometers west of Karachi and a stone’s throw from...

Naya Pakistan Housing: pipe dream or bold vision?

Experts weigh in on the feasibility of the government’s target of building 5 million homes in the country over the next five years

Pakistan Oxygen to invest Rs6.3 billion to expand oxygen, nitrogen production

Adira Capital-backed company is gearing up to gain market share and dominate industrial gas market

Habib Bank’s most interesting statistic for 2020

Pakistan’s largest bank grew its consumer lending by a whopping Rs 11.2 billion in 2020. But who exactly did it lend all this money to, and why this could have significant consequences for the broader economy

Pakistani Tatas are consolidating. But who are they and what do they do?

All four group companies are being merged into a single entity, which already had common majority shareholders and boards of directors

Taazo- the new biryani kid on the block

Former head of the Digital Business Unit for a Middle Eastern telecom company and previously Managing Director for the Middle East region...

What does Café Zouk know that others in Lahore’s tough restaurant market don’t?

How one of the oldest surviving restaurants in Lahore has been able to retain its competitive advantage over the last 24 years

How high should a high-rise be

The members of the Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD) heaved a sigh of relief after the Supreme Court judgement allowed construction...

As private hospitals rake it in, should the government use its pandemic powers, or simply let the free-market be?

Covid-19 patients and their families complain of extraordinarily high bills and lack of transparency on pricing