How Zahoor Sarwar made energy conservation his business

Research Teck is focused on helping other businesses with their productivity enhancement and energy and environmental impact reduction needs

Is the Punjab government’s model bazaar project a success?

The company established by the government to run the bazaars might be on its way out, and to be replaced by an authority

The heir to Agha Hasan Abedi

How Abraaj’s downfall has echoes of the earlier scandal of BCCI’s collapse, and how it might impact the place of Pakistanis in global finance

Rs5.2 trillion tax target? Pakistan will need a miracle

The only certainty in life is death and taxes, Benjamin Franklin is supposed to have said. In Pakistan, however, few things have...

Will KIA be third time Lucky?

“You could have a Kia Classic, which was just a little below Honda City in terms of performance, in the price of...

The extraordinary rise and spectacular crash of Hascol Petroleum

The 12 months ending June 2019 have wreaked havoc to a company that has been the bright star of the Pakistani energy...

Tania Aidrus’s big bet on creating a Digital Pakistan

It started, as things often do in Pakistan, with a WhatsApp forward. On Thursday, December 5, a group of Pakistanis living in...

Solar is the future, so might as well hurry

To have a burgeoning solar energy industry, it can be easy to think of more complicated things that a country needs to...

Is another tax amnesty scheme in the making?

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government is not gathering many successes on the economic front. In February, the inflation rate reached its four-year...

Pharmaceuticals in Pakistan: extracting whatever they can from the pie

Can the pharmaceutical sector ever be reformed? Kabeer Dawani and Asad Sayeed take a look at the sector’s pitfalls, and ways forward.

Pakistan’s equity markets are getting more sophisticated. Will investors notice?

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Will Airlift be able to provide a public service and still make money?

Buses make sense. Global warming has you down? Run a high class public bus system and you have the answer. Need jobs?...

British investor to take major stake in TPL Life Insurance

TPL is selling over a third of the company to the London-based group that also has investments in Afghanistan

Rising interest rates fuel stock price rises for Pakistani banks

As interest rates have risen over the past two years on the back of rising inflation, Pakistani banks have seen a significant...

After much nagging and needling, tourism has also opened. But at what cost?

Hotels, tour operators, petrol pumps, car rentals were all in dire straits as tourism remains closed to the public. As it opens up again, there will be consequences.