Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Sialkot prepares for take-off

Here is a fact you may not know: there are four cities in Pakistan from which you can catch a regular direct...

The extraordinary rise and spectacular crash of Hascol Petroleum

The 12 months ending June 2019 have wreaked havoc to a company that has been the bright star of the Pakistani energy...

The fate of the Taseers

The financial costs of opposing the blasphemy law in Pakistan?

How a rift in Pakistan’s tobacco industry determines how cigarettes are taxed and not the government

Local and multinational tobacco companies engage in brutal lobbying and media wars to try and tax each other out of business and influence.

Rabeel Warraich’s $30 million bet on Pakistani entrepreneurship

How a 33-year-old middle-class Pindi boy became the first professional venture capitalist in Pakistani history

Pakistan’s mystery billionaire

“He’s the Howard Hughes of Pakistan. Nobody ever sees him. You’re the first ones (among journalists) who are going to witness him...

Covid finally got Pakistanis to spend on fashion online… but businesses were caught off-guard

After the pandemic-induced lockdown, apparel businesses that depended on brick and mortar locations as a footfall and revenue source had to make a decision: adapt or die? Most chose to shift online, with serious teething problems in the transition.

After Ferozsons, Searle jumps into the remdesivir market

As the world worries about the coronavirus pandemic and how to beat back covid-19, Pakistan now apparently has not one but two...

The promising life and tragic death of Inov8

Founders of Pakistan’s most valuable fintech, Bashir and Hasnain Sheikh squandered potential that they had for years, all the while trying to ‘fake it till you make it’. This is their story: a business tragedy in five parts, and the hamartia is hubris

The heir to Agha Hasan Abedi

How Abraaj’s downfall has echoes of the earlier scandal of BCCI’s collapse, and how it might impact the place of Pakistanis in global finance

Why your LUMS and IBA degrees will not land you a job

Consider the following thought experiment: what would it take for a company to replace Google as the default search engine to the...

The great life insurance swindle

How the industry has taken to selling it more as an investment and less as financial protection, often deceiving customers about the true nature of their product, shaking the public’s trust in a country that already has the lowest insurance penetration in the region

The Dollar: Buy, sell or hoard?

Profit explains the flaws with the old FX policy, what measures the PTI took to keep the market relatively stable and where the USD/PKR parity is headed in the short to medium term. 

The next phase of the milk wars

Engro Foods and Nestlé Pakistan have been engaged for years in a stiff competition for a share of the Pakistani consumer’s wallet, but the hard part is yet to come

Solar is the future, so might as well hurry

To have a burgeoning solar energy industry, it can be easy to think of more complicated things that a country needs to...