Sorry, JazzCash & Easypaisa; the fintech revolution for the unbanked is finally here

In October 2017, the giants of Pakistan’s financial and policy scene met at the most expensive hotel in the federal capital for...

Yunus Brothers’ diversification strategy begins to pay dividends

The conglomerate that owns Lucky Cement, Kia Lucky Motors, and ICI Pakistan is set to take advantage of positive tailwinds in the cement, auto, and pharmaceutical industries

As temperatures soar, so do Pak Elektron’s profits

The maker of the PEL brand of white goods witnesses a recovery in its appliances business, and better than expected power sales

Is Sultana Siddiqui about to lose control over Hum TV?

A sudden spike in investor interest in the company’s stock has the market swirling with rumours about a change in control of one of Pakistan’s biggest media companies

Have Pakistan’s most successful startup founders become Naspers’ latest victims?

The merger of EMPG and OLX has created a new entry into the unicorn club, but is it another one of Naspers' classic burn-them-out takeovers? Or did the Pakistani founders negotiate from a position of strength? Besides, who is next?

Will the post office be able to improve financial inclusion in Pakistan?

The central bank thinks the country’s largest post provider has the potential to do so much good. If only it could figure out how to handle simple alliances

In religious tourism, it’s strictly business. Now the govt wants to regulate it like one

For decades there has been no policy managing the religious tourism to Iran, Iraq, and Syria, allowing tour operators to work with impunity. The government finally wants to regulate it.

Design thinking has come to Corporate Pakistan. What does that mean?

A management problem solving framework that has been developed out of industrial engineering, design thinking promises to help companies address their customers – and management’s – root problems rather than just symptoms. But does it work? And will Pakistani companies learn how to use it?

ByteDance pulls TikTok representation from InMobi in Pakistan

Effective immediately, ByteDance has asked InMobi to pause all B2B selling for TikTok in Pakistan, leaving advertisers stranded after finally getting approvals to do so.

Why exactly are cars so expensive in Pakistan?

Yes, it has to do with taxes, but there is more than meets the eye, and local manufacturing may be a bigger deal than you think

Why (and how much) Pakistanis overinvest in real estate

The obsession with real estate as an asset class is unhealthy for the economy; here is what investors should do instead

Inside the secret $1.5 million stealth direct-to-consumer startup from Unilever Pakistan

Why would one of the largest consumer goods companies try to pivot towards a hinterto untried-in-Pakistan strategy?

What on earth happened to TCS & can Saira Awan fix it?

The pace of change can sometimes overtake even the best companies, including those that have achieved the coveted “verb status”. In most...

Will the auto sector ever recover? Eventually

Expect low earnings for auto assemblers this quarter, though low interest rates and improving farmer economics will help in the recovery

As Eid approaches, the leather industry braces itself for the worst

Pakistan’s second largest export oriented industry has been seeing a dip in fortunes for the past few years, and the pandemic has not helped