Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Why (and how much) Pakistanis overinvest in real estate

The obsession with real estate as an asset class is unhealthy for the economy; here is what investors should do instead

TOMC takes the IPO route to raise cash for working capital, and for expansion

With their IPO oversubscribed by 1.7 times, the halal meat manufacturer is setting up two new offal facilities that they think will help make it a leader in global halal meat exports

Avanceon and its Ace cards

What’s in a name? In 1989, Bakhtiar Wain set up an engineering and IT company that focuses on automations. He decided to...

Millat Tractors: set to cultivate sales growth in FY21

How important is agriculture to Pakistan? The sector contributes 18.5% to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and employs 38.5% of the...

Gul Ahmed: defiant or delusional?

As this magazine has consistently pointed out for the last three weeks, it is not the best time to be in the...

Is the cement sector overvalued?

The cement sector in Pakistan has had its rough spots, but one could always look at the last decade and say, here...

Good news and bad news at Hub Power Company

The website for the China Power Hub Generation Company (CPGHC) is not exactly what one could call slick. Awkward photos of Prime...

Pakistani companies are more optimistic than others about the post-pandemic future

At this rate you might be wondering if it is worth your time reading yet another Covid-19 report. Will a cure be...

As bored Pakistanis turn to cycling, bicycle sales and crime runs rife

Pakistan has seen a rising trend of luxury imported bicycles on the road ever since the coronavirus pandemic has hit. But with official distributors failing to meet demand, traditional markets have spread their wings.

How a rift in Pakistan’s tobacco industry determines how cigarettes are taxed and not the government

Local and multinational tobacco companies engage in brutal lobbying and media wars to try and tax each other out of business and influence.

Survive or Thrive – how eCommerce reacted to C19 lockdown

After the pandemic-induced lockdown, online marketplaces and e-tailers braced themselves in a spike in demand following the temporary removal of international modern trade (IMT) and local modern trade (LMT) from the equation. They had to make a decision: adapt or die?

Why do we keep having petrol shortages?

The government is not responsible for the price fluctuations, but it is responsible for exacerbating the problem through its hamfisted attempts at controlling the nation’s energy supply chain

Locusts threaten our food supply, and also the fertiliser sector

So far, the mantra for the year 2020 has been: everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Pakistan’s two biggest neighbours...

The numbers are in, and large scale manufacturing nosedived 42% in April 2020

In news that surprised absolutely no one, large scale manufacturing declined in April 2020, according to the latest data released by the...

Cement sector expected to rebound by 2021, thanks to tax cut and government incentives

At first glance, the cement sector looks like it is struggling. The numbers came in for May, and they were not kind.  Pakistan’s...