Karandaaz: the Gates-funded nonprofit seeking to bank the Pakistani unbanked

According to the World Bank, approximately two billion people do not use formal financial services and more than 50 per cent of adults in...

Is the Pakistan Super League a viable business opportunity?

Perhaps it was fitting, perhaps it was ironic. The most expensive team in the fourth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) – the...

Why are Pakistanis less productive than the Chinese and even the Indians? And how to fix it

In the year 2000, Pakistan’s labour productivity exceeded that of both China and India. A decade later, China had more than doubled its labour...

Can Hamdard thrive in the era of the millennial consumer?

It is an ad that relies on contrasts: a product as traditionally Pakistani as Hamdard’s Rooh Afza being consumed by non-Pakistanis in New York’s...

Food delivery is the hardest challenge in logistics. That’s why this startup went into it first

When it comes to food, Lahore has never held back. The streets of Anarkali, old Lahore, or the busy M.M. Alam Road and Liberty...

How Tetra Pak helped bring packaged milk to Pakistan

As recently as the early 1970s, Pakistan had just one dairy plant that was owned by a company called Milko Limited, and packaged milk...

Sustainable solution to Pakistan’s problems lie in structural reforms, believe analysts

Pakistan will have to push for fiscal consolidation and taxation reforms under the forthcoming IMF programme and move away from reliance on borrowing and foreign support to shore up the economy

Jazz failed to build Veon into the WeChat of Pakistan. That’s why it will succeed

CEO Aamir Ibrahim’s willingness to abandon his failures and invest in his successes suggests a strong path forward for the company

Amazon does not have a Pakistan presence. These Pakistani entrepreneurs are selling on it anyway

The global e-commerce giant has ignored Pakistan, but many enterprising individuals and companies have found ways to use the platform to their advantage by getting around the legal hurdles

Two startups willing to bet that more Pakistanis will buy their groceries online

Hum Mart and Mandi Express have both set up online stores that serve the Karachi market, but both are going about their business in a very different way

Social impact or pursuit of profit? Some entrepreneurs pick both

The stories of four entrepreneurs who are making a social impact through their commercially thriving endeavours

How to fix the Pakistani economy: Dr S Akbar Zaidi

Technocratic solutions are not enough; Pakistan needs to have major political parties agree on the broad contours of economic policy

How to fix the Pakistani economy: Dr Nadeemul Haque

We need to deregulate our cities to allow more construction and high-rise development

How to fix the Pakistani economy: Dr Akmal Hussain

The key determinant of long-term economic growth of the country is the depth and range of innovations that take place within that society

How to fix the Pakistani economy: Dr Hafiz A. Pasha

The government should formulate a clear trade strategy, and then subsidise industries that can compete globally

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