Pakistan Refinery shut down by Karachi rains

Torrential downpour washes away a crucial pipeline for the refinery, putting its operations into suspension until it can conduct a damage assessment

Anver Majid is suing Ansari Sugar Mills. He wants to run the company from his Karachi jail cell

The notorious industrialist – accused of money laundering on behalf of former President Asif Ali Zardari – has managed to retain his CEO position despite imprisonment

As advertising moves digital, media agencies will fade away if they fail to evolve

A forecast by the largest WPP media agency suggests that by 2023, 49% of total advertising spending in Pakistan will be on digital, the buying function of which is natural to in-house auction-based models which undo buying at scale

Debt reprofiling: did the Finance Ministry get it right?

The government reprofiled a major part of the short term debt over the past few months, but did it get its timing wrong?

The economics of Muharram

Each year the memory of Ashura is brought back to life, and with it comes a unique set of economic conditions.

The troubled road to Afghan trade is not a dead-end

Trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan has been overshadowed by regional and internal politics of both countries. But businesses want an end to it.

Govt wants the PTCL model to fix the power sector. But can it work?

The idea of outright privatisation of many state-owned energy companies seems too good to be true, but a model for transferring management control while retaining majority shares might allow the government to placate its critics while moving towards relinquishing control over the energy sector

Bibojee Group merges both of their textile spinning mills

Decades after being established and owned by the same conglomerate, Babri Cotton Mills and Janana De Malucho are finally merging

Ravi Textile beats a strategic retreat down the value chain

Most companies try to move up the value chain: trying to enter the industry of the market they sell into. So, for...

TPL and Bykea to collaborate on fleet tracking and management

TPL will provide access to its Maps product in order to help Bykea riders navigate cities across Pakistan, and for the company to keep track of its drivers

Waves Singer: the white goods manufacturer entering the real estate business

The government’s incentives in the sector have prompted the manufacturer to pursue growth in a completely unrelated, yet potentially lucrative, market

Older first-time users driving online grocery and delivery models: Deloitte

The leading professional services network wants executives to understand the potential long-term impact on retail food and grocery, including sustained category changes and permanent shifts in consumer behavior. Profit spoke with a category leader that is ahead of consultants.

Haball: The rising fintech company digitising supply chain ecosystem

Haball is another fintech company trying to digitize the supply chain ecosystem. But how is it different from others trying to do the same thing, and why is the SBP banking on its success?

Why negotiating with the IPPs won’t fix much. And what will

A look at the series of bad ideas that have plagued the government’s attempts to fix the energy grid, and how the government keeps digging itself into a bigger and bigger hole

What does Rehan Shaikh inherit at Standard Chartered?

SCB has been a steady performer for much of the past decade, though its market share has slipped. Can the new CEO revitalise growth?