Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Pakistan’s first fashion billionaire?

The year 2017 is the first time the Pakistani clothing market hit Rs1 trillion in consumer spending (according to an analysis conducted...

The extraordinary rise and spectacular crash of Hascol Petroleum

The 12 months ending June 2019 have wreaked havoc to a company that has been the bright star of the Pakistani energy...

Can Tapal’s new boss lady defy the odds & retain market leadership?

“You can keep wealth in the family only for three generations,” asserts an ancient Chinese proverb. Similar aphorisms exist elsewhere. “From the...

Is Ernst & Young about to exit Pakistan?

Ernst & Young, the global accounting and professional services firm that goes by its brand name EY, is re-evaluating its relationship with...

How Musadaq Zulqarnain became a billionaire by selling socks

In 1992, two brothers Musadaq Zulqarnain and Naveed Fazil along with their friend Tariq Iqbal Khan, set out to establish a company...

Naya minister, meet purani ministry

The minister is already inheriting the purani ministry and if he fails to come up with a strategy for raising revenue, he will be the same as the purana minister himself

The fate of the Taseers

The financial costs of opposing the blasphemy law in Pakistan?

A bank sold for just Rs1,000. Does it make any sense?

Profit demystifies the controversy over the sale of KASB Bank

Why your LUMS and IBA degrees will not land you a job

Consider the following thought experiment: what would it take for a company to replace Google as the default search engine to the...

Don’t cast your vote before you’ve seen these WhatsApp leaks

Two fictional characters each representing the PTI and PML-N, engage in an enlightening WhatsApp conversation that can help prospective voters make the key decision at the ballot box.

Aamir might not succeed in turning Veon into Pakistan’s WeChat. But what if he does?

When Government of Pakistan opened its telecoms market to private sector 13 years ago, the country saw a massive inflow of foreign...

Rabeel Warraich’s $30 million bet on Pakistani entrepreneurship

How a 33-year-old middle-class Pindi boy became the first professional venture capitalist in Pakistani history

Amazon does not have a Pakistan presence. These Pakistani entrepreneurs are selling on it anyway

The global e-commerce giant has ignored Pakistan, but many enterprising individuals and companies have found ways to use the platform to their advantage by getting around the legal hurdles

Can a MiniSo franchise make you a millionaire overnight?

Ask the scholars that spend decades obsessing over Japanese aesthetics and they will tell you tales of loft ideals and an ideology...

After a stellar entrepreneurial run, TRG is Zia Chishti’s swan song

The first thing you notice when you walk into Zia Chishti’s office in Washington DC is that you can see the White...