Morinaga may be up for sale in Pakistan. The buyer? Morinaga

The business of infant formulas is a big one in Pakistan, and Morinaga is a big name in it

Shezan – What’s in a name?

A history steeped in troubles, tribulations, and complications is at a turning point with the settling of a 33-year-old case over the Shezan name

Malls and retailers were dying to open again. Now they’re regretting it

While retail stores and malls are open for business again, footfall has fallen drastically, and retailers are bleeding money. What will they ask of the government now?

Covid finally got Pakistanis to spend on fashion online… but businesses were caught off-guard

After the pandemic-induced lockdown, apparel businesses that depended on brick and mortar locations as a footfall and revenue source had to make a decision: adapt or die? Most chose to shift online, with serious teething problems in the transition.

Covid-19: Amazon planning to build its own testing lab for staff

Retail giant Amazon says it will build its own coronavirus testing lab to monitor the health of its staff. Cases of Covid-19 have...

Tesco plans $6.6bn shareholder return from Asia disposals

LONDON/BANGKOK: Tesco (TSCO.L) plans to return $6.6 billion to shareholders after agreeing to sell its supermarket businesses in Thailand and Malaysia to...

Services sector grows by 4.7pc in FY19: SBP

ISLAMABAD: The services sector of the country grew by 4.7pc during the financial year 2018-19, representing a slowdown when compared to last year,...

Amazon eyes expansion in Pakistan, eager to capture e-commerce market

Amazon officials have also ensured that every effort would be made to make the process of selling on Amazon easy for Pakistani nationals.

Pakistan’s biggest state run retail chain inching towards privatisation

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's biggest state-run retail chain, Utility Stores Corporation (USC)- which is currently facing a decrease in sales, closure of large number outlets...

British supermarkets battle to secure stocks as chaotic Brexit looms

With no deal in sight as Britain’s March 29 exit date approaches, supermarkets are stockpiling, working on alternative supplies and testing new routes to cope with an expected logjam at the borders but say they face insurmountable barriers

FBR to extend EPOS to retail stores and shopping malls

The tax department has informed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that the government will extend the EPOS to retail chain stores and shopping malls till March 2019

Purchasing power wanes as rupee depreciation stings consumers and businesses

The rupee's depreciation has impacted consumer appetite and contributed to restaurants profit margins being squeezed as they attract fewer customers

Alkaram to launch its 42nd store on MM Alam Road

LAHORE: Alkaram will be launching its 42nd store in Pakistan on October 6, 2018, on MM Alam Road, Lahore. This will be the...

Eid spending rises 15 percent, breaks Rs1 trillion trajectory

Director Operations, Emporium Mall Lahore Afnan Shah Khan projected a 20 percent rise in the market compared to last year and shared footfall crossed over a million during Ramazan this year against 830,000 in Emporium Mall last year

Shopkeepers’ scam adds fizz to profits

Retail prices of Coke and Pepsi remain unnoticed while retailers overcharge consumers day in, day out by as much as 40 percent – making millions over the top, apparently unnoticed