Risk of restrictions looms large over troubled retail sector

Elevated inflation and the ongoing economic crisis in Pakistan appear to have badly hit consumers and businesses alike. After experiencing several economic...

For retail to grow, banks need to lend more. But they won’t!

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Pakistan can’t have a digital payments revolution in retail. Because the government and the banks quell it!

Let’s start with a kicker. For the first three quarters of fiscal year 2021-22 ending March 31, 2022, Rs 502.7 billion worth...

The unsustainable price tag of fast fashion

Those of you born in the 80s will remember your mothers buying material from Bareeze. The stores glittered with delicate, sparkling work...

Retail’s story of transformation

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Inside the battle for retail’s future

On the 6th of October this year, the high towering, glitzy Centaurus Mall in Islamabad was ablaze with fire and fumes. For...

Pakistan’s most successful designer brand is in trouble. But why?

With Élan looking for investors to come in and inject equity, we look back at how Khadijah Shah made and possibly broke her fashion empire

Morinaga may be up for sale in Pakistan. The buyer? Morinaga

The business of infant formulas is a big one in Pakistan, and Morinaga is a big name in it

Shezan – What’s in a name?

A history steeped in troubles, tribulations, and complications is at a turning point with the settling of a 33-year-old case over the Shezan name

Malls and retailers were dying to open again. Now they’re regretting it

While retail stores and malls are open for business again, footfall has fallen drastically, and retailers are bleeding money. What will they ask of the government now?

Covid finally got Pakistanis to spend on fashion online… but businesses were caught off-guard

After the pandemic-induced lockdown, apparel businesses that depended on brick and mortar locations as a footfall and revenue source had to make a decision: adapt or die? Most chose to shift online, with serious teething problems in the transition.

Covid-19: Amazon planning to build its own testing lab for staff

Retail giant Amazon says it will build its own coronavirus testing lab to monitor the health of its staff. Cases of Covid-19 have...

Tesco plans $6.6bn shareholder return from Asia disposals

LONDON/BANGKOK: Tesco (TSCO.L) plans to return $6.6 billion to shareholders after agreeing to sell its supermarket businesses in Thailand and Malaysia to...

Services sector grows by 4.7pc in FY19: SBP

ISLAMABAD: The services sector of the country grew by 4.7pc during the financial year 2018-19, representing a slowdown when compared to last year,...

Amazon eyes expansion in Pakistan, eager to capture e-commerce market

Amazon officials have also ensured that every effort would be made to make the process of selling on Amazon easy for Pakistani nationals.