How inflation killed Retailistan

Inflation is biting and it's taking a chunk out of the retail industry

Will Olpers’ cartoon ploy work?

Engro-Friesland might just be able to pull off a lot more with flavoured milk than Engro Foods’ attempt a decade ago

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The new age of retail – Pop-ups!

A strong retail community has emerged in Pakistan over the last few years, providing a physical presence to online brands

The year of the landa bazar

One trader’s loss is another’s profit

PM authorises major crackdown on sugar smuggling, hoarding

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Sunday authorised a major crackdown against smuggling and hoarding of sugar and profiteering. While chairing a high-level meeting...

Why are fashion retailers all suddenly selling perfume?

The competition in the local perfume market is growing stronger. Who will emerge on top?

Are local makeup brands really local?

Attention! Your imported drugstore makeup is melting, and not from the hot weather but from the heat it is getting from local players

Risk of restrictions looms large over troubled retail sector

Elevated inflation and the ongoing economic crisis in Pakistan appear to have badly hit consumers and businesses alike. After experiencing several economic...

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Pakistan can’t have a digital payments revolution in retail. Because the government and the banks quell it!

Let’s start with a kicker. For the first three quarters of fiscal year 2021-22 ending March 31, 2022, Rs 502.7 billion worth...

The unsustainable price tag of fast fashion

Those of you born in the 80s will remember your mothers buying material from Bareeze. The stores glittered with delicate, sparkling work...

Retail’s story of transformation

What is the future of retail in Pakistan? That’s a nagging question in the minds of big retailers in business, and it...

Inside the battle for retail’s future

On the 6th of October this year, the high towering, glitzy Centaurus Mall in Islamabad was ablaze with fire and fumes. For...

Pakistan’s most successful designer brand is in trouble. But why?

With Élan looking for investors to come in and inject equity, we look back at how Khadijah Shah made and possibly broke her fashion empire