Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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2020 was supposed to be the beginning of the recovery. Then Covid

Pakistan’s economy is going to contract this fiscal year, with GDP (gross domestic product) growth expected to stand at -0.38%, a significant...

The budget of Ls: Explained by economists

Experts explain how 'corona budget' focuses more on 'lives, livelihoods, locusts and lockdown'

Tania Aidrus’s big bet on creating a Digital Pakistan

It started, as things often do in Pakistan, with a WhatsApp forward. On Thursday, December 5, a group of Pakistanis living in...

How to grow a Big Five bank: the case of ABL

Allied Bank is the type of institution that makes that “Lazy Big Five Banks” stereotype look true. The bank has been –...

Is e-commerce dying in Pakistan?

E-commerce in Pakistan is burgeoning and it is burgeoning at breakneck speed. In sheer numbers, e-commerce sales swelled 93.7pc in 2018, reaching...

Sustainable solution to Pakistan’s problems lie in structural reforms, believe analysts

Pakistan will have to push for fiscal consolidation and taxation reforms under the forthcoming IMF programme and move away from reliance on borrowing and foreign support to shore up the economy

How to fix the Pakistani economy: Dr S Akbar Zaidi

Technocratic solutions are not enough; Pakistan needs to have major political parties agree on the broad contours of economic policy

How to fix the Pakistani economy: Dr Nadeemul Haque

We need to deregulate our cities to allow more construction and high-rise development

How to fix the Pakistani economy: Dr Akmal Hussain

The key determinant of long-term economic growth of the country is the depth and range of innovations that take place within that society

How to fix the Pakistani economy: Dr Hafiz A. Pasha

The government should formulate a clear trade strategy, and then subsidise industries that can compete globally

How to fix the Pakistani economy: Shaukat Tarin

Reduce taxes, rein in government spending, and then prioritise poverty alleviation through programs to incentivise and fund entrepreneurship

How to fix the Pakistani economy

Profit speaks to five of the nation’s top experts on what the government should do in order to get the economy humming again

Is the mini-budget a ruse?

Measures announced in the mini-budget, the confusing stance regarding approaching the IMF could weigh heavily on the government's ability to tackle the issues threatening the economy

What’s the mini budget all about?

Looking back, there was a reason that both Ishaq Dar and Shaukat Tareen signed with the IMF within days of taking office. Yet Asad Umar chose to stay ambiguous

Why Pakistan’s cotton value-chain has begun to atrophy

The industry blames a lack of government support, but capital appears to be shifting away from manufacturing, and the economics of growing other crops is better than that of cotton