Naya minister, meet purani ministry

The minister is already inheriting the purani ministry and if he fails to come up with a strategy for raising revenue, he will be the same as the purana minister himself

Is Open Skies really causing trouble for Pakistani airlines?

Domestic aviation industry experts insist that liberal aviation policies are hurting their competitiveness, but the truth is much more complicated

Can drip irrigation eradicate Pakistan’s water crisis and food insecurity?

To save water, the country needs to replace its age-old method of irrigating crops with improved yield and quality being tangible benefits

An eye for detail

Passion for the vintage stuff – from cars to guns – provides an opening to Junaid Ahmed to pioneer in lucrative car detailing business

PIA turnaround? Not happening, bro

The new CEO is well-credentialed and well-meaning, but can he alone overcome the national carrier’s myriad challenges?

The return of Husain Lawai’s legal troubles

One of Pakistan’s leading bankers, Lawai’s career continues to be dogged by allegations of money laundering and illegal activities

Media Wars

Traditional news organisations are caught between many a devil and a deep blue sea: Fake news, social media, ever falling revenues combined making it an uphill task to keep their heads above water

Pakistan Textiles flourish despite the odds

Rendered uncompetitive owing to high utility prices, the Pakistan textile exports still make an appreciable surge

Pakistan, the next outsourcing hub?

With India and the Philippines ratcheting up the rates, will Pakistan be able to jump on the BPO bandwagon?

Will outsourcing help solve Pakistan’s tax problem?

PML-N’s Miftah Ismail suggests the government can raise a lot more revenue if it outsources many of the FBR’s functions. But is it the panacea or would it create more problems than it solves?

Fintechs: Goliaths of today, dinosaurs of tomorrow?

Innovation is not the done thing in Pakistan’s commercial banking and soon Pakistan’s financial services industry is expected to witness a David-and-Goliath contest of sorts, with Fintechs with negligible capital taking on commercial banks with billions, even trillions, in assets – and beat them

Daehan: Korean or Vietnamese? Well, what’s in a nationality?

In an era of globalisation, where a company is from, and what country its brand name should be associated with is increasingly...

Padding up the cement tycoons’ coffers

With CCP timidly looking away, the APCMA is running a cartel, setting up production quotas and extracting rapacious rates from captive consumers

Don’t cast your vote before you’ve seen these WhatsApp leaks

Two fictional characters each representing the PTI and PML-N, engage in an enlightening WhatsApp conversation that can help prospective voters make the key decision at the ballot box.

Insafian vs Nooni: The choice before the voters

How the major national parties stack up on matters of economic policy