Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Healthcare: the (hitherto) ignored priority

If one had to reduce the state of an entire nation’s healthcare to a single number, it would be average life expectancy,...

Water and climate change: the (hopefully not) insurmountable challenges

Here is the bad news when it comes to climate change: if the government of Pakistan consisted of 100% extremely competent and...

Fixing a badly broken school system

Both parties agree that the school systems need fixing, and both are focused foremost on physical infrastructure

Will the new boss at the PSX clean house?

The new CEO of the country’s only stock exchange has big plans to expand investor participation in Pakistan. But does he dare take on the power of the brokers?

Shan Foods, intent on spicing it up with a listing on the bourse

With disposable incomes on the rise, the Pakistani international spices giant not just doubles its size in the last three years, but with new products and an acquisition part of its expansion plans, the family-run business is evaluating tapping into funds from the capital market

Why funding is no object for Pak-Qatar Investment

Backed by very strong sponsors, from amongst Qatar’s royals, the company has never faced any issue in calling capital

How investor cash is changing the face of Pakistan’s diagnostic labs

From global private equity to domestic healthcare companies, laboratories in Pakistan are attracting investment and getting technological upgrades

The economy of Punjab’s graveyards

How the final resting places of citizens dead and buried are managed and maintained

Breaking the legacy mindset of large commercial banks

While up-and-coming players tap into new segments like mobile wallets, big players seem content with their decades-old business model that revolves around taking deposits and investing in risk-free securities.

Is Dewan Yousuf serious or will he hoodwink everyone yet again?

The Group faces a serious credibility crisis as it turns down offers for its cement plants for the umpteenth time – even the lucrative Mega offer – raising doubts about its intent to sell and settle the default.

The Black Sheep of the White Hat community

During our investigation into the recent security breach at Careem, some industry sources highlighted a faction of the white hat community that exploits startups that are vulnerable to cyber attacks, prompting Profit to look into how ethical these ‘ethical hackers’ really are.

What makes Syed Babar Ali tick

The Life Story of a Man of Substance

How Akhuwat impacts lives through the miracle of interest-free microfinance

$500 million worth of loans disbursed to 2.2 million families over a period of 16 years

Why content is king for Propergaanda

When one thinks about hard hitting topics such as social issues and politics, one does not imagine a huge Gaanda aka a...

A bank sold for just Rs1,000. Does it make any sense?

Profit demystifies the controversy over the sale of KASB Bank