The heir to Agha Hasan Abedi

How Abraaj’s downfall has echoes of the earlier scandal of BCCI’s collapse, and how it might impact the place of Pakistanis in global finance

Naya minister, meet purani ministry

The minister is already inheriting the purani ministry and if he fails to come up with a strategy for raising revenue, he will be the same as the purana minister himself

Breaking the legacy mindset of large commercial banks

While up-and-coming players tap into new segments like mobile wallets, big players seem content with their decades-old business model that revolves around taking deposits and investing in risk-free securities.

Pakistan, promise unfulfilled

Established as far back as the middle of the nineteenth century, 1860 to be precise, the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI)...

China to provide assistance for PIA, aviation industry

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and China have mutually agreed on extending their bilateral relations and to work collectively for the betterment of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)...

Measuring the market

How do retail brands measure their performance in Pakistan and how accurate is it? More often than not, the sole parameter used in this...

Gunning for capital growth

Introducing equity investment in Pakistan, Capventures brought $5 million as FDI to Pakistan from the UK, the UAE and Hong Kong – yet kept...

No quick fixes

The rupee declined sharply against the US dollar during intraday trading on July 5 and neither the central bank nor the federal finance ministry...

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Pakistan to export cigarettes worth $50m for the first time

ISLAMABAD: Although Pakistan has been exporting tobacco and tobacco products to various countries, now for the first time, the country is going to export...

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