Rising interest rates bolster profits at Bank Alfalah

As interest rates in Pakistan rise, the net interest margins for Pakistani banks has also risen, leading to increased profitability. Bank Alfalah...

Japanese second hand cars in Pakistan — value for money?

Reported at upwards of $35 billion, the external account deficit for the fiscal 2016-17 was the highest in the history of the...

Can Hamdard thrive in the era of the millennial consumer?

It is an ad that relies on contrasts: a product as traditionally Pakistani as Hamdard’s Rooh Afza being consumed by non-Pakistanis in...

Could electric vehicles break the dominance of the Big Three car companies in Pakistan?

The infamous cartel of Japanese auto manufacturers has been ruling the roost in Pakistan’s car market for a lifetime. The big three...

Fintechs: Goliaths of today, dinosaurs of tomorrow?

Innovation is not the done thing in Pakistan’s commercial banking and soon Pakistan’s financial services industry is expected to witness a David-and-Goliath contest of sorts, with Fintechs with negligible capital taking on commercial banks with billions, even trillions, in assets – and beat them

Water and climate change: the (hopefully not) insurmountable challenges

Here is the bad news when it comes to climate change: if the government of Pakistan consisted of 100% extremely competent and...

The future of domestic help is a click away, and there are already two players vying to make it their own

Disaster has struck. Your boss is coming over, or maybe it is your in-laws, or even people from school you have not...

How to fix the Pakistani economy: Dr Hafiz A. Pasha

The government should formulate a clear trade strategy, and then subsidise industries that can compete globally

PIA turnaround? Not happening, bro

The new CEO is well-credentialed and well-meaning, but can he alone overcome the national carrier’s myriad challenges?

Which public affairs strategy should tech unicorns use in Pakistan?

Instead of banning apps due to objectionable content, maybe collaborate?

Stay horizontal or go vertical?

Despite the population of Lahore doubling  over the past decade or so, the ever increasing sprawl and spread of it--which now extends...

Why your LUMS and IBA degrees will not land you a job

Consider the following thought experiment: what would it take for a company to replace Google as the default search engine to the...

Pakistani Tatas are consolidating. But who are they and what do they do?

All four group companies are being merged into a single entity, which already had common majority shareholders and boards of directors

A professional’s guide to calculating Zakat

A zakat guide written especially keeping in mind businessmen and investors

Can Changan dazzle Pakistanis into buying Chinese cars?

“The automobile is an expensive commodity - a consumer durable you don’t forget buying for the rest of your life. You have...